COVID-19: It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark!

COVID-19: It Wasn’t Raining When Noah Built the Ark!

Do you know that humankind was once saved by being in an ark for more than a year? Well, absolutely!! Many of us have already heard the tale of Noah and the big boat. But what actually happened, can be stated as the biggest example of uncertainties & mishappening. When we read about his story, we think, he, with his family and animals, spent just 40 days on the boat, and finally, they witnessed rainbow.

But, actually, it was far more difficult!

The book of Genesis explains that God indicated Noah to frame an ark and get into it with all the human beings and animals around him, and they did. And, then, it started raining cats and dogs. All the horrifying sounds, huss, and grrr, with snakes, dangerous insects, and water all around, were surrounding them.

Have you had a thought about what they did on the boat? Did they know when it would get over? Were they fighting with each other, or embracing the situation? How did they implement an escape plan to get rid of such an adverse circumstance?

Actually, God didn’t reveal the whole plan in front of him. It was him who had to hear his gut and react as per the situation.

Just like the same, Coronavirus has attacked us like terrible, terrible rains, and the only difference is that God didn’t pre-indicate any safety measures to us. All we had were daily updates from the governor of the land, as well as notifications from the president of the nation.

The way ark saved humankind in ancient times; the high time has come for us to choose our ark as well. Just like the book of Genesis dictates traces of this amazing story of Noah, Genesis-Ark brings to all automated ark to save the society from the deadly & badly spreading Coronavirus.

Lately, we have chosen an ark by the name ‘quarantine’ to save ourselves, but as life doesn’t stop to go on, we need to upgrade our ark according to time. Slowly and steadily, schools, colleges, offices, and public places are getting opened, and the new normal is awaiting us with its arms open.

So, to see the rainbow again, we need to be avant-garde and opt for solutions that can let us safely sail through this COIVD-19 flood.

Do you know what do we need to overpower this situation? Turn back the pages and remember Noah again. What helped him? A precautionary alarm from God’s side saved Noah and others.

Similarly, we need a system that can pre-notify us regarding our health conditions, the risks associated, and the needed guidance, so that we may stop the circumstances from getting worse.

Now, how will we do it?
For the same, Genesis-Ark is here to help!
And, what else do we need, a little awareness, care, and a desire to go along, and win over COVID-19.

Let’s put a glance at what we have canned to save ourselves:

#An All-Accommodated COVID-19 Symptom Triaging – AI Tool

An All-Accommodated COVID-19 Symptom Triaging – AI Tool

The primary task of the COVID-19 symptom triaging tool based on artificial intelligence is to evaluate symptoms and diagnose the risks associated. It doesn’t just include specifying your current health condition, but also answering a well-designed questionnaire so that our medical team may analyze all the associated attributes and get back with the most efficient information.

#QR-Based Assessment Tool

QR-code scanning has to be an imperative part of the new normal. It doesn’t just help in recording data, but also in reviewing and comparing the same. By opting for AI-based QR tool, we can minimize the negative aspects as well as risks associated with our health, and lead towards the fastest possible recovery needed.

#Quarantine/Self-Isolation Care

Suppose someone in your close vicinity is ill, be it your boss, employee, teacher, or friend. And to save yourself prior, you need to get notified about the red flags (if any). In such a case, the AI-based triaging tool offered by Genesis-Ark will alert you with the risk-factors functioning near you, so that you may keep yourself far away from them.

#Exposure Notification/Contact Tracing App

An All-Accommodated COVID-19 Symptom Triaging – AI Tool

This app, supported by Google & Apple interfaces, works as soon as a person having it installed, comes as close as 6 feet. As soon as two mobile phones or devices come in contact, the app traces if the person near to you is COVID-positive, or ill in any way. This way, you can timely get off, or isolate yourself, and testify your antibodies (if needed).

Is there anything else that you need?
Yes, of course, you do!
Here’s what!

  • Get in touch with a professional healthcare provider in a contactless manner by just being at your comfy couch and discussing the medical solution to your problems.
  • Monitor or record the health status of your employees and workmanship at your workplace to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and get along with the workflow to the fullest.
  • Share health assessment and tips with each other, and keep yourself and society healthy.
  • Perform healthy occupancy management by detecting who’s wearing a mask, and who has a fever (mild or more), and stop them from entering your premises, be it a café, school, office, or any public place.
  • The daily attendance tracking system proposed by the visitor management system can not only trace the symptoms of fever but also avails with an arrival notification to help your organization lead flawlessly.

In the current scenario, these safety measures are much more than what Noah got at that time. So, now we need to gear up, get ready to say adios to this troublesome virus forever. Let’s remember the times how we used to live some months back when there were no traces of COVID-19.

Let’s stop being a nodding head who gets defeated by the circumstances, and learn from what we have witnessed to keep ourselves healthy & wealthy.

There are chances for us to see the RAINBOW again!

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