The Return to Schools: How Will Students Deal with This New Normal?

The Return to Schools: How Will Students Deal with This New Normal?

During this Coronavirus phase, have you ever remembered your kids getting up early, and prepping for the school? Have you had a thought of the encouragement and excitement the kids used to feel on the first-ever day of a new session in school? Do you have dreams of them playing, and jumping with their very own school bags and cute bottles? Well, gone are the days, we can say. But time heals everything, and the time has come for children to go back to schools again.

But along with school bags, books, and bottles, children will have to carry masks and sanitizers. Such an irony! The kids who do not even understand the nature of the virus are meant to fight with it directly or indirectly.

Before discussing further, let’s get into flashback!

While the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the whole world and bound people to stay at home, the school-going kids got the most benefited from this time. The students’ schools got off, and they promoted to the next sessions without entering any exams. They have spent the most fun times at home while acquiring quality-time with all their family members, which doesn’t usually get possible.

But as the severity of disease kept on increasing, people throughout the world began to be worried about the fact of how their children will manage when the schools reopen. And with the people exploring and knowing more about the virus, there is news about the reopening of schools.

Soon, there will be times when students will get back to their routines, and proceed to schools for studying and get to experience the classroom environment again.

But how would students manage? How would you make a kid understand that he/she has to watch hands every next minute? How will you secure your child from not touching anything that’s contaminated?

Well, we cannot say anything about it, because the minds of children cannot be controlled, their free-spirited wings are bound to fly in the direction where it’s prohibited to fly.
So, we have to go the extra mile to save them, and how can we do that? There’s one way to do it efficiently, and that is through Artificial Intelligence.

Knowing the criticality of the current scenario and variations going on throughout the universe, different countries are following different guidelines regarding how to plan the reopening of schools. The main concern will definitely be public health and coping with education in such a manner that no one gets infected.

Of course, the reopening of schools is news full of hopes, and for it to remain hopeful, this step should be welcomed with some preparedness. And, to prepare the students for what’s coming next, Genesis-Ark has taken the responsibility to introduce a system full of advancements and attributes that will best contribute to the safety and good health of school-going kids.

Here are some of the attributes suggested by us to successfully gulp the school-reopening gesture:

#Let CDC Guidelines be the New Teacher

The exciting news of schools and colleges getting opened again can vanish the safety precautions and guidelines we need to follow naturally. In the USA, every local territory is launching its own guidelines, along with the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) defined guidelines. The schools and colleges need to make sure that all the teachers, school staff, and children are being explained these key points to keep themselves safe.

  • Perform consistent testing of the virus.
  • Follow social distancing principles properly.
  • Teach the art of self-isolation in case of a confirmed exposure.

Note: These questions address your views about how your school is preparing for school year 2020-2021. If you answer “unsure” to any items regarding your school’s plan, consider reaching out to your school administrator for more information.

#Introduce a Pinch of Technology & Let the Students Embrace Contactless-ness

In this era, the air is filled with COVID-19, but our brains are well-trained to welcome the needed technology, and advancements to fight even something that’s airborne. That’s why, Genesis-Ark intends to avail all the organizations, and companies with efficient features of going contactless with the help of its well-versed mobile app, and website.

How will it happen? Let’s see:

  • The schools/colleges will be provided with well-functioning visitor management and occupancy management systems, which not only works for corporate workplaces but also for schools, and other diversified spots.
  • These systems will remain integrated with QR code scanners to scan codes of different individuals/students. Each QR code will imply a particular student’s health records, and this way, at the entrance of the school itself, the health condition of each student can be checked.
  • Also, these systems are based on artificial intelligence. That’s why these systems are embedded with masks and fever detectors as well. Accordingly, these detectors will check the temperature of the students, teachers, and other staff members, and ensure that they have worn masks while entering.
  • This way, a contactless, yet secure aura will get established in the premises of the schools by reducing the chances of infections, and limiting the virus-carriers at the doors of schools (if any).

#Ensure Students’ Safety by Taking Some Much-Needed Precautions

As schools spread the news of getting reopened, they should also spread a word about the precautions they’re going to take for the safety of students, in order to minimize the spread of the virus.

Some of these practical precautionary measures should include:

  • Arrange a row and column system for students to get in and get out of the school premises.
  • Install an automated sanitizing door(s) for everyone to enter sanitized in the school.
  • Or opt for a touchless sanitizer or soap dispenser.
  • Let the students be more organized during the mealtimes, and ensure they don’t share food.
  • Keep on changing the classrooms to some temporary spaces, so that the recently used classroom or area can be cleaned thoroughly.
  • Run school in different shifts to minimize the class-size to the greatest possible extent (at a particular time).
  • Pay extra heed to water, canteen, and hygiene facilities. Use infographics and informative illustrations to make students learn social distancing measures, as well as hand-washing and respiratory etiquette.

Leading this way, slowly and steadily, the schools will be ready to get opened for all the students, staff members, and teachers, while maintaining the safest possible atmosphere all around.

Let’s understand the fact that we’re into this together! And, to stay safe, it is necessary for us to go automated as soon as possible, and allow ourselves to include these technological habits in our day-to-day lives. Let our children learn from us what’s best for them.

May the kids always remain joyful and mischievous, regardless of whatever virus’s out there to haunt!

Let them fight for themselves with the help of foolproof automated solutions.

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