United Federation of Teachers in NYC ‘Declare to Strike’ If Safety Measures Don’t Match the Standards!!

United Federation of Teachers in NYC ‘Declare to Strike’ If Safety Measures Don’t Match the Standards!!

Let’s See How Can We Deliver What Exactly Michael Mulgrew Has Demanded?

United States of America has already witnessed the deadliness of Coronavirus through unpredictable deaths and sudden spread of the COVID-19. People have been fighting and fighting with it, and soon they appeared to be reaching the above horizon in New York City.

And what was the reason behind the same? It was that people had taken extreme measures to stop the COVID-19 spread to the maximum possible extent.

But the news of schools to reopen soon has brought the typhoon back!

How? Because to let children safely survive in the campus environment, some very strict, automated, and intelligent security measures are needed to be presented.

And, of course, it seems doubtful! There’s only one thing that can smartly contribute to this situation, and, i.e., Artificial Intelligence. Thus, to maintain a secure & healthy environment all around, Genesis-Ark brings out incredibly intelligent and technologically advanced solutions.

Let’s see how Genesis-Ark can deliver what Michael Mulgrew, the President of the United Federal of Teachers, has demanded!

NYC has been an epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic, but soon the city recovered itself by opting for the necessary measures to minimize the spread of the virus. Recently NYC has examined a significant decrease in the spread-rate coming form the month of June. Also, less than 1% of total COVID-19 tests are being appeared positive recently.

Following the same lead, the Public Health Experts matched the rate with Asia & Europe, where schools have already reopened and decided to reopen the schools in NYC as well.

But what’s the catch? Of course, it is about the people associated with this decision, and who’re going to get hugely affected if anything goes out of the plan.

That’s why Michael Mulgrew, the President of the United Federation of Teachers, recently delivered a tough statement about preparing to strike if the safety demands aren’t being fulfilled accordingly.

He demanded:

  • 100% hygiene
  • strict social distancing in place
  • Fully repaired & ventilated buildings
  • Availability of personal safety equipment, as well as cleaning supplies
  • Proper staffing

Other than these, he said that more than 100 union members would tour the schools personally and crosscheck the safety measures being opted.

He emphasized on:

  • Secured entry and exit procedures
  • Efficiently functioning contact tracing alerts
  • Testing of staff & students to be done not more than ten days before coming to school.

As dictated by Michael Mulgrew, “The reopening of schools may prove to be one amongst the most significant debacles in the history of NYC.”

Let’s check out how Genesis-Ark can help in ensuring these safety and health measures by offering its AI-based, automated solutions all-dedicated to healthcare.

#Contact Tracing/ Exposure Notification

An All-Accommodated COVID-19 Symptom Triaging – AI Tool

With the help of contact tracing or exposure notification tool, the school staff, teachers as well as students would be able to get notified while crossing through a COVID-19 positive, so that they may isolate themselves and test their antibodies.

#Symptom Triaging – AI Tool

With the help of this tool, all the school faculty members, as well as, students will be able to fill in assessments regularly to assess their health status. This way, they can maintain their own symptom diary, which they can share with anyone. Also, they can be pre-alert if any symptom touches the territory of COVID-19.

#QR Code Scanner Tool

The assessments, and health records Genesis-Ark’s smart system records, will be scan-able through a QR code tool. This automated tool can be interfaced with the entrance system of the schools, through which the health condition of students and staff members can be scanned at the entrance itself, and the ones who’re positive, or symptomatic, would not be allowed to enter the school premises.

This way, Genesis-Ark offers an all-automated and dynamic survey for students, as well as teachers and staff members, which would prove to be a major contributing factor to stop the spread and get saved from COVID-19.

So, let’s see how the reopening of schools welcomes the IoT, and how we can save ourselves and children by going slightly smart by following the footsteps of Artificial Intelligence.

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