Thermal Screening Solutions Can Help to Knock Out Corona Pandemic
Thermal screening

Thermal Screening Solutions Can Help to Knock Out Corona Pandemic

The world has been struck badly with the adverse effects of the pandemic triggered by the Coronavirus, which has turned public health and life completely upside down. The infection will keep on spreading its wide wings until we all try to contribute to interrupting the vicious chain.

As everyone has abundant knowledge about the issue, we do not have to go into the details regarding precautionary measures to be taken in order to cut the chain but can surely help in detecting danger. While we all are adopting highly restrictive measures to keep safe, we should also adopt appropriate screening measures.

Places with high-risk factors include schools, hospitals, nursing homes, industries, companies, all types of transport hubs, sports complexes, and other such areas that have screening measures. This screening measure helps in checking and identifying infected people, which in turn helps in minimizing the spread just the way it did in the past for the Ebola Virus (EV D), Severe-Acute-Respiratory-Syndrome (SARS), and the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).

How does Thermography and Thermal Screeing help in breaking the chain?

Through preventative measures and precautions that have been adopted worldwide, one still can’t say that the entire pandemic is under control for them. Coronavirus has no vaccine and no cure as such, so we can either detect sources and increase the preventive measures to be undertaken or just let it spread. Here is exactly where another one of the measures comes to our rescue, which is the Thermographic camera.

Now the Thermographic camera is a device that makes an unusual raise in human temperature detectable. In Thermal imaging, the sensor just requires to detect the amount of infrared radiation an object or body emits, which is then captured in infrared light and finally converted to a JPEG format for human access, which can be studied to interpret a rise in temperature or fever in a person.

What is Infrared and Thermal Imaging?

As the human eye can only capture a very small portion of the greater electromagnetic spectrum, it is incapable of detecting short, intense wavelengths of light as well as long and slow wavelengths. Due to such a disadvantage, thermal imaging and infrared cameras are put to use in order to fill in the gaps for the human eye. Thermal energy has such a long wavelength that it is not visible like normal light; hence, it cannot get detected by the human eye. Thermal imaging done by infrared cameras does what the human eye cannot by expanding the visible spectrum of the eye. It understands such longer wavelengths and captures them in a color-coded language that the human eye can easily understand. Anything and everything with a temperature above zero emits some level of heat, which can be measured and detected.

How Thermal Imaging Works?

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An infrared camera detects the infrared energy emitted by an object or body. The camera itself converts the infrared data into an electronic image, which eventually shows the surface temperature of the body being measured or checked. These cameras contain an optical system that focuses the infrared energy onto a special detector chip, also known as the sensor array, which contains thousands of detector pixels arranged in a grid format.

Each pixel within sensor array reacts to the infrared energy pointed on it and produced an electronic signal. Each signal from each pixel is then collected by the camera processor, which then applies a mathematical calculation to it in order to create a color map of the apparent temperature of the measured object or body.

Now each temperature has its own assigned color; the final product, which consists of a matrix of colors, is then sent to the memory and finally to the camera’s display as a thermal image of the object or body.

How can Thermography Help Combat the Virus?

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A thermographic camera can surely help in detecting a possible or potential source, but it cannot detect the virus itself or a person carrying the virus. It just provides a non-reactive and contactless way of recording or measuring the surface temperature of a body using the technical temperature measurement technology known as Thermography.

Hence, we can say that the device can be used to detect elevated temperature, if any, which can be an indication or symptom of the coronavirus infection. Through proper and reliable tests are to be conducted in order to be sure about the same. It is to be contained in mind that the device is just a technical measuring device and not a medical diagnostic instrument.

The ability of thermographic cameras to detect elevated body temperature has raised its demand in the market as well. A very important criterion which the device needs to cover is a high geometric resolution, which is expressed in numbers of IR (infrared) pixels.

This criterion is necessary because the small inner eyelid angle, which helps in detecting elevated body temperature, has to be measured without any errors for the accurate temperature. This type of measurement can be seen taken outside entry gates of transport hubs, malls, health facilities, etc., where people are lined up for recording temperature.

Thermography in Medicine

Thermal imaging has proven to be highly productive in both human and animal healthcare. The technology of infrared Thermography is used to help detect cancer, circulation issues, and locate the source of arthritis. Both doctors and veterinarians can use infrared cameras to detect skeletal and muscular problems in the earlier stages.

  • These cameras help in imaging the body temperature

These infrared cameras provide a contactless and non-invasive method for diagnosing the elevation in temperature of a body, which is considered as one of the important symptoms in almost all medically acclaimed adversities. It not only helps in reading the accurate temperature of a patient but also enables in obtaining a detailed image of the patients’ body temperature distribution.

  • It is a budget-friendly diagnostic method

The technology of Thermography exhibits a flexible procedure when compared to other medical processes and is highly budget-friendly.


The perfect and most precise wrap up for this topic can be upheld as accounting this technique as one of the precautionary and preventative measures used for detecting the source of the spread of Coronavirus and potential carriers of the infection. But this method does not, by any means, detect Coronavirus in a body as proper diagnosis and tests are to be conducted in order to be sure about the Coronavirus infection in particular.

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