Ways Through Which a Contactless Visitor Management System Can Combat the Spread of COVID-19

Ways Through Which a Contactless Visitor Management System Can Combat the Spread of COVID-19

Just as the forest fire, COVID-19 seems to be unstoppable. Beginning in China, it has now inevitably covered the whole world. With over 5.50 million cases in the USA, schools and workplaces are finding it extremely difficult to get open while managing the uplift of this deadly pandemic.

Many countries turned towards keeping lockdowns to stop the spread, but lockdowns would never turn out to be the absolute solution for this endless problem. For the economies to run like before, and people to begin their lives as expected, it is necessary to come out of our homes and face the virus with mindfulness.

For the organizations that are willing to reopen and about to invite their employees and staff members to work in-house, it is essential to take extreme precautionary measures to suppress the potential exposure to COVID-19.

To assist explicitly in the current scenario and minimize the spread, Genesis-Ark protrudes to introduce AI-based automated solutions that can be accessed from anywhere anytime by anyone.

Let’s see how choosing a contactless visitor management system by Genesis-Ark can help in combating the escalation of COVID-19:

#Implement Mandatory Scanning at Entrance & Restrict the Virus to Enter Premises

As you open up your organization to others, you need to ensure that no one brings infection inside, because then the infectious people would multiply and so on.

To combat the situation, Genesis-Ark offers contactless screening, through which the visitor is given a provision to scan QR Code at the entrance, and it helps in knowing the health record of the visitor in last 14 days, and also detects if he/she has recently come in contact with a COVID-positive. This way, the ones bringing certain probability of infection, can be restricted at the entrance itself.

#Enable Contactless Sign-in Tool & Embrace the New Normal Safely

Contactless Sign-in Tool

As per the pieces of evidence being revealed, it’s been seen that COIVD-19 doesn’t just infect living beings, but it also spreads through various surfaces, be it metallic, wooden, or any other. It may stay on different surfaces for varying time durations, be it from hours to days.

To avoid the apparent spread of the virus, you need to opt for contactless sign-in feature, rather than sign-in ledgers, and touchscreen digital sign-in devices, as it would get impossible to constantly sanitize and disinfect them. Genesis-Ark’s contactless sign-in feature allows employees or visitors to get them registered through touchless tools specifically, and getting entered after getting screened through a QR code scanner. It not only assists in maintaining a safer and healthier workplace environment but also in fulfilling social distancing norms mentioned by the CDC.

#Interface Default Mask and Temperature Detectors & Alert Others in Case of Mischance

The contactless sign-in feature developed by Genesis-Ark can be integrated with a well-functioning mask and temperature detector tool, through which a person entering without a mask or having significantly high body temperature would not be allowed to enter. And, combined with the scanning tool, it would be made sure that the entering visitor has been healthy for the last 14 days.

If in any case, an unhealthy person, or someone without a mask enters the premises, others will get notified, so that they may take necessary steps. And, furthermore, with the help of contact tracing feature, other employees or staff members would get notified if any COVID-positive or COVID-symptomatic person passes by within close vicinity, so that they may self-isolate themselves (if needed). This may turn into the key to combat the spread in the most effective manner.

By adopting this contactless visitor management system, we would be able to avoid an all-covering lockdown and focus on isolating only those who’re infected and the ones having chances of getting infected in order to cope up with the economic conditions, and much-needed societal operations.

In this unpredictable era, where vaccine seems like an unfulfilled dream, only an AI-based smart system can efficiently empower us to fearlessly reopen the world for humankind.

So, let’s espouse touchless-ness, and steadily head towards a world full of Corona-free moments!

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