There’s a Way Out to Save Yourself from COVID-19 Spread, and COMMUNITY SHARING is the Answer!
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There’s a Way Out to Save Yourself from COVID-19 Spread, and COMMUNITY SHARING is the Answer!

Since the time we’ve witnessed the coronavirus apocalypse, we have been seeing that living distant and knowing about the nearby spread and infection can actually make us win the war. That is the reason why, Genesis-Ark, with its feature Fast Pass, brings an all-encompassing attribute by the name ‘Community Sharing.’ This simply means that you can share your health status and Fast Pass Score through your social media profiles and let you near and dear ones know about your health. And this way, while others share their health profiles, the whole community may remain safe accordingly.

To know better about the same, let’s discuss how this community sharing feature by Genesis-Ark works!

How Does It Help in Planning Safe Events, Gatherings, Meetings, And Concerts Through Community Sharing?

Be it a one-time user or frequent user of the app, it is very easy for anyone to organize an event, meeting, or concert that too safely.

  • First of all, the person who has to plan the meeting will have to send an invitation to all the attendees through the app.
  • All the attendees will click on the link sent by the host, and the ones having the app installed already will have the questionnaire open in front of them. And the others who don’t have the app installed on their phone will have to open the app link and download the app.
  • Then, after inserting personal details, one has to fill in the questionnaire available on the app, which would include questions related to a health condition, exposure to any sort of illness, or COVID-19 symptoms, etc.
  • After filling in the answers, the reports are shared with other attendees as well as the host.
  • After getting approval from the host’s side and being sure about the health of all the attendees, they are invited.
  • And the ones showcasing any symptom of COVID-19 will be suggested to be in isolation and recommended the needed healthcare from Genesis-Ark’s experts.
  • Now comes the day of the meeting, concert, or event itself.
  • On the same day, as soon as an attendee intends to enter the premises of the meeting or concert hall, he/she has to undergo screening procedures.
  • The attendee will have to fill in the current questionnaire through the app, and after filling that in, it will be sent to the desk of HR or the event manager along with a selfie (to detect check whether the attendee is wearing a mask or not), attendee’s body temperature, health history, and mood.
  • This way, the host will be able to monitor the health condition of all the attendees, and only those who will seem to be perfectly fit will be allowed to be a part of the meeting, event, or concert.

Let CDC Guidelines be the New Teacher

One of the most primary motives of Genesis-Ark’s mobile app is to make meetings, gatherings, concerts, and events safe to go. This way, you can create a safe and healthy atmosphere all around without facing the fear of coming in contact with the virus.

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