How to Reopen Your Business Safely After COVID -19 Closure
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How to Reopen Your Business Safely After COVID -19 Closure

This pandemic shows us how the fastest daily city life routine can be stop by a small virus. Now the whole world knows that COVID-19 is enough to break the world economy, there is no need for war or any fights for this disaster breakthrough. But it is also human nature that they learn how to overcome any kind of situation, the same goes for COVID-19. After the lockdown and shutdown of all the businesses, it is now time to stand again for the reopening of our business places. So that once again the world can learn how to run. And for that world need a disaster recovery tool that can stop or minimize the factors that can create massive havoc of COVID-19. So, let us discuss some points that need to be considered before or after opening the business places:

Make the Strategies: Before opening any organization & business place it is important to make some policies or strategies for the safety of employs, employees, & clients, etc. So that the exposure to the virus can be minimized among people who are in contact daily because of work reasons. That is why it is best if you can include the Genesis-Ark visitor app in your business because that app has introduced hygiene or health features that can be used at the entrance of any place. That can detect basics sanitary requirements like face mask & thermal screening fever, it also has COVID symptoms checkers services, prior appointment facilities, etc. Record of employee’s health is very important in this pandemic situation before reopening the business. And to complete these crucial tasks systematically & properly every businessperson needs a failproof plan that can be the key to successful business after COVID-19.

Change in Workplaces: Make sure that the ventilation is proper at your workplace and social distancing norms can be followed properly so the infectious disease bar can reduce to low. If work from home is possible for some teams in your business place, then adapt this culture also. It will provide you more space for clients, vendors & other employees. Avoid cash transactions if you are in a retail business focus more on the online transactions to evade direct contact. Put the sign and follow the norms of distancing, always use mask & sanitizer at workstation also.

Evaluate the Risk: It is vital that before opening any business place person should evaluate the risk factors of that business working condition. So that they can be more prepared & alert for that particularly extra risky space or work.

Proper & Proactive Communication: Proper communication can resolve any issues that can be huddle for a smooth business run. That is why it is necessary to manage proactive communication with the employees, clients, vendors, etc, about the policies of the organization. So, they can aware & follow your precaution policies without any doubts or hesitation. Proper communication about symptoms & self-assessment of employees or employers can reduce the spreading factor of COVID-19. Simply state or clear the rules to everyone like avoid large-scale gathering or meeting etc, at office premises which can be the reason for pandemic shield break.

Sanitize the Workplace: It is important for every business place in the present scenario that it will sanitize or disinfect from time to time. Especially focus on washrooms, door handles, and interaction place with customers.

With effective business reopening tools like the Genesis-Ark app, any business can be run safely without the fear of COVID -19 effects. All you need to do is make the right decision & action according to your business need.

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