After Airlines, Its Time for the Offices to Get the Digital Healthcare Passport

After Airlines, Its Time for the Offices to Get the Digital Healthcare Passport

In this 21st era, where humans had already turned heads towards digitization, certain instances motivate people to go digital, automated, and contactless. In the current scenario, COVID-19 is the reason why the whole world is intending to move towards all-new ways to live life so that the virus-disruption can be minimized.

While government and national bodies are thinking of ways to reopen borders for commerce and travel safely, the corporates are thinking of reopening offices to bring the in-house working culture back to life.

Recently, on Tuesday, the Airport Council International (a group that comprises almost 2,000 airports throughout the world), Swiss International Airlines, JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, and Lufthansa joined the CommonTrust Network. This means that these airlines are moving forward towards an advanced version of common digital pass, which would verify the passengers’ data per-flight, pre-entry, etc. These digital health passes will help travelers safely travel throughout the world without worrying about virus transmission and spread.

Opting for the same culture now, Genesis Health brings digital health passes for government, private, multinational, corporate, and startup offices. While because only measuring the fever and sanitizing cannot just stop the spread and save the world from the pandemic, Genesis-Ark stands out with a digital health pass by the name FastPass for the employees and employers to work comfortably and safely in their offices.

Due to not considering a single way of verifying the pandemic, the corporate world has gone all confused with ever-changing guidelines and measures. But for all the work-bearers to come back in their element, something revolutionary has to knock on the office doors, and here comes the Genesis-Ark FastPass. This digital health pass overpowers all the health check errors and intends to establish a contactless and healthy community. ​

This FastPass is already available for offices throughout the USA. Genesis Health has launched this digital pass so that the database of various offices can automatically record and comprise employees’ health records and implement the contactless safety measures accordingly. This FastPass combining with ThermoSnap (Thermal Screener) not only performs efficient occupancy management but also covers symptom triaging, security scanning, and face mask detecting. It gets easy for offices to plan corporate meetings and events by offering self-assessment tests and auto-health-checker facilities.

When the whole world is trembling with just the thought of the pandemic and its present and future consequences, it is necessary to take some digital and automated measures to ensure humankind’s safety. By getting combined with the other steps taken like offering COVID-19 tests, sanitizing, and checking fever, this digital health pass can do miracles in the health-world by minimizing or almost diminishing the virus’s spread.

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