Digital Health Pass – Fast Pass

Digital Health Pass – Fast Pass

Beginning from the last few months, COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. With the guidelines dictating to ‘stay at home,’ it has certainly been dangerous to navigate. While a significant part of the population has begun to work from home, there are others who need to go to their places of work for their essential businesses. 

That’s why Genesis-Ark introduces its all-accommodated Fast Pass to make healthcare accessible to all and also to reduce the chances for the disruption of the virus through digitized and automated solutions. 

What is Fast Pass?

Fast Pass is the mobile app the is interfaced to work automatically and maintain health records of all who’ve signed up for the same. This app is designed to keep the COVID-19 scenario in mind, and that’s the reason why it not only performs contactless occupancy management but also offers symptom triaging, face mask detection, and full-fledged security scanning. Not just this, but it allows to plan events, gatherings, meetings, and concerts, which are absolutely safe to go through its self-assessment, auto-health-checker facilities. Fast Pass offers IoT facilities for all types of building utilities to maintain a safe and secure aura during the COVID-19 outbreak.


Be it a one-time user or frequent user of the app, it is very easy for anyone to organize an event, meeting, or concert that too safe. 

  • First of all, the person who has to plan the meeting will have to send an invitation to all the attendees through the app. All the attendees will click on the link sent by the host, and the ones having the app installed already will have the questionnaire open in front of them. And the others who don’t have the app installed on their phone will have to open the app link and download the app.
  • Then, after inserting personal details, one has to fill in the questionnaire available on the app, which would include questions related to a health condition, exposure to any sort of illness, or COVID-19 symptoms, etc. 
  • After filling in the answers, the reports are shared with other attendees as well as the host.
  • After getting approval from the host’s side and being sure about the health of all the attendees, they are invited.
  • And the ones showcasing any symptom of COVID-19 will be suggested to be in isolation and recommended the needed healthcare from Genesis-Ark’s experts.
  • Now comes the day of the meeting, concert, or event itself. 
  • On the same day, as soon as an attendee intends to enter the premises of the meeting or concert hall, he/she has to undergo screening procedures.
  • The attendee will have to fill in the current questionnaire through the app, and after filling that in, it will be sent to the desk of HR or the event manager along with a selfie (to detect check whether the attendee is wearing a mask or not), attendee’s body temperature, health history, and mood.
  • This way, the host will be able to monitor the health condition of all the attendees, and only those who will seem to be perfectly fit will be allowed to be a part of the meeting, event, or concert.

One of the most primary motives of Genesis-Ark’s mobile app is to make meetings, gatherings, concerts, and events safe to go.


COVID-19 brings out a situation where one can stop the spread through community sharing. Suppose you have the app Fast Pass on your mobile, and every time you check your health score, you share the same with the community you be in, such as your friends, family, and other closed ones. It will ensure the ones you meet that you’re all safe to meet to, and when others share their health profile through social media, you’ll also be able to decide whom to meet or not.


  • Introduces exceptional handling services with zero human contact.
  • Generates tailored real-time reports to offer informative insights.
  • Functions in integration with Contactless Screening to provide added benefits.
  • Incorporates solutions with Employee Management to track far-off employees & associated health risks.
  • Offers clock in and out features to minimize human errors.
  • Functions in compliance with local regulations and CDC guidelines related to COVID-19.
  • Avails, not just touchless attendance but also provides various access control options.
  • Works incredibly on all sorts of hardware devices.
  • Maintains jumbled-up attendance logs and records flawlessly & chronologically.
  • Offers seamless adoption with the help of a highly accurate and friendly UI.

In this COVID-19 era full of uncertainties where the spread of the virus has become customary, Genesis-Ark’s mobile app intends to introduce certitude through digitized services driven by Artificial Intelligence.

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