Top features to look in visitor management App

Top features to look in visitor management App

Now a day’s visitor management app is not just an additional feature of an organization, but it is one of the most important security elements for any place like companies, schools, or hospitals, etc.  Visitor kiosk is the best place to use this kind of app because from here you can record every person’s data who will be entering the premises. That why it is very important to use the best quality features app which will resolve almost every tension of safety & security of campus plus maintain an automatic record of people for future concern. Especially in COVID 19 situation where if we can use some hygiene features in the visitor app so that people can fight this virus without affecting their daily routine. With this same thought, Genesis-Ark is coming with a perfect visitor sign-in system Application that not only maintains the attendance or presence record but also checks the hygiene or health of the people like face mask detection, thermal screening fever, etc. Here we are discussing some top features which you can consider for your organization or place while deciding visitors App:

Arrival Notification: Whenever any visitor enters the premises through visitation application respective host should immediately get the notification of their arrival. So that they can be ready for their meeting or in case of any delay they can arrange back up for the client meeting. This front desk sign in-app is not only a great support for your front desk team but also a great feature for maintaining data and security.

Customized Visitation Record: Customized Visitor features is very helpful in place of manual registration because through the app it is easy to select the visitor option instead of writing down all the details every time in the paper register. For example, presently schools also using this app, so the digital record is a better option to customize the details of visitors like New parents, Old parents, or some material vendors, etc. So that in case of any information, it will be easy & fast to find their details through the application.

QR code Pass: Through the modern visitation app it is easy to print a QR code pass for the visitor so they can scan their pass at Access Control integrations for entry.

Appointments and Booking: The visitor remote registration system should also have the features of appointments or booking which are very important in the present scenario of COVID 19. It will help in maintaining the social distancing situation and save your time.

Health check: There is no need to say in a situation like COVID 19, health or hygiene is a very important point that you should check on any visitor app. Because it is very to have this feature to run the commercial place like companies, schools, hospitals, malls, events, etc. smoothly. The app should have services like Temperature screening on arrival. Pre-screening /Remote symptom, COVID-19 Questionnaires, contact tracing, etc.

Till now the Visitor App is mostly used to maintaining the visitor or employee records or security from outsiders. Now Genesis-Ark providing the additional health feature which will also maintain people’s health data & safety. If you are entering any kind of commercial field these features should be your main priority so that you & your premises have safeguards which can record everything easily & quickly.

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