U.S. Shocked the Humankind with a Bleak Record of More Than 3000 COVID Deaths in a Day

U.S. Shocked the Humankind with a Bleak Record of More Than 3000 COVID Deaths in a Day

COVID-19 is gripping the world through its havoc with an increasing pace now. And, recently, in the U.S., it set a record that shattered everyone throughout the world. Call it carelessness of people or the dangerousness of the virus; the U.S. has witnessed over 3000 deaths in a day due to COVID-19. 

This has certainly showcased the devastating effect of the pandemic, and the severities it may cause to the humankind. This death toll turned to be the highest single-day death record till now. Throughout the pandemic, the U.S. has reported 289,298 deaths in total, and the highest single-day total to date is 3054 deaths in a day.

Currently, the seven-day average for the deaths caused due to COVID-19 remains the highest due to the increasing disruption and deaths. 

Hospitals Are Brimming with Patients & Running Out of Rooms!

In the United States, the main concern is related to occupancy in hospitals. Due to increasing COVID-19 cases, more and more patients are getting hospitalized, which is causing lacking space in the ICU rooms for the upcoming patients. Due to the patients finding rooms rarely in hospitals, more death cases are occurring. California, on Wednesday, recorded the highest ICU admission, as well as hospitalizations. California is facing a huge problem because only 1500 ICU beds are available, and patients are increasing like a forest fire. Due to ICUs remaining full, it is getting difficult for hospitals to offer efficient services. 

The U.S. turns to be the worst-affected nation by the COVID-19 pandemic. Now it is in the final stage of approving minimum of two vaccines (one by Moderna and another by Pfizer & BioNTech). According to FDA, during an internal assessment on Tuesday, the Pfizer vaccine turned to be 95% effective while measured across different groups (elderly and young).

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