Is vaccine an ultimate cure of virus?

Is vaccine an ultimate cure of virus?

There is no doubt because of the crucial spreading tendency of the COVID-19 virus, it is very necessary to find some vaccine that can prevent people from this infectious virus from the very beginning. So that in future this kind of pandemic does not affect us & future generation. Though this kind of vaccine looks like an ultimate plan for the prevention of the virus. But in the present situation, it is also a very long shot because there are many vaccines developed by different scientists that are in the initial trial stage right now by WHO. There is major worldwide research going on right now on this vaccine, but the perfect result is still awaited.

If you consider the current status of the vaccine & super spreading nature of COVID 19, you need to be more prepared for this virus instead of just waiting for medicine or vaccine. Because a very old saying, “Prevention is always better than cure” is perfectly fit in this pandemic situation. If you can prevent yourself & your community then you will be safe from this infectious virus. And with all the scientific research everybody knows how this virus spread and how to be safe from this? Medicine can cure you of the disease but not from infection. That is why it is better to use this equipment like self-service kiosks & application which can detect people thermal screening temperature or mask etc. Genesis-Ark comes up with some excellent medical app which can not only helpful for the individual but also for companies, schools, hospitals, etc. Because this app also can maintain the medical record of every person who would enter the premises in case of any doubt they can stop the person to enter the building which will prevent other people from being infected.

Vaccines do save us from disease, but precaution saves us from infection which is the reason for disease.

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