World after everyone gets vaccine

World after everyone gets vaccine

n the present scenario, everyone wants the COVID-19 vaccine so that they can get back to their old lifestyle. The solution to their problem is the vaccination of the virus, in most of our imagination world will be the same as before this pandemic. But the question raise is it really possible or not? Because right now there is no certainty about this vaccine and how this will reach common people. Along with it, there are so many other ifs & but flying around which is creating a lack of confidence among people about this vaccine.

This vaccine may save the person from the disease after vaccination, but there is no proof that if that person is a COVID virus carrier, then this virus will not spread to the person who is not vaccinated. That is why precaution measures should be taken even after vaccine so that every person would be safe till the surety of vaccine. Because there is the possibility that this vaccination process takes time to reach every person in this world. So meanwhile these safety measures medical apps, masks, & sanitizer, etc should be used in every place to avoid any kind of relapse situation.

That is why kiosks & App introduced by Genesis-Ark will suits you in every kind of situation because it will take all major precaution steps & maintain all the records for future use & safety.

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