How to Celebrate Christmas During the COVID-19 Phase?
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How to Celebrate Christmas During the COVID-19 Phase?

In this year, 2020, we all have already learned dancing on the changed beats driven by the pandemic. We are taking every move to minimize the effects of COVID-19. And knowing the fact that Santa isn’t real, but the coronavirus is, we have to be a little smart while singing Jingle Bells this year. But no festivity should get affected due to other disturbances in life, and, so, as humans, we know the ways through which we can celebrate Christmas uniquely and unconventionally. No matter how weird and unexpected this year has been, we’re all up with some advancements and smart tactics to celebrate Christmas as we have never done.

Let’s check out some of the ways to welcome all the happy vibes this Christmas season:

Plan Your Christmas Event Smartly

We have always celebrated Christmas with our loved ones and exchanged gifts with them while dancing and partying all night long. But this year, exchanging gifts may bring you contamination and disruption of the virus. So, turn your head to Genesis Ark’s automated solutions, and plan your event with its feature through which you can share your health score with all the members of the event, and only after ensuring every attendee’s health condition you can invite the healthy members to the celebrations, and party all night long, happily and safely.

Use Exposure Notification to Expose the Reality

Making use of the Bluetooth Exposure Notification tool can literally minimize the COVID-19 spread. Be it a corporate Christmas party or a party at your home; you can use Genesis-Ark’s mobile app CovidEagle to ensure safety and screening at your doorstep only. Through the FastPass and ThermoSnap, only the persons with the allowed temperature and face masks will get permitted to enter the premises of the party. At the entrance, after scanning the QR code, the health condition of all the attendees will be clear. And through the exposure notification, you may get alerted about all the Red Flags around to take health precautions accordingly.

Opt for Lesser Guests and More Space

While you all are high on the festive vibes while celebrating Christmas, don’t forget to plan the party at a spacious place and invite as minimum people as possible. It will not only help you enjoy better but also let you show your crazy dance moves in the best way possible. Don’t forget to follow CDC Guidelines while celebrating, and try to host the party outdoors. If it’s not possible, just opt for a well-ventilated place to celebrate Christmas to the fullest.

Summing Up

Christmas is an imperative festivity, not only because it’s the birthday of Jesus Christ, but it gives us all chances to spend long-lost quality time with our loved ones. And, in this era of the pandemic, we cannot let go of this feeling of warmth. So, avail it your all, get ready to celebrate this festival of love & lights in an incredible manner while being a little attentive about your health, so that you may avoid all the future health-related consequences, and this new year turns to be the healthiest and happiest for you!

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