How health care KIOSK help Hotel and Casino in reopening
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How health care KIOSK help Hotel and Casino in reopening

When COVID-19 locks the world, it affects the whole economy. That is why every industry needs to stand again on its leg to overcome the losses of the pandemic. But now the most essential thing before reopening the business is to take care of the protection measures that will save us from the spread of this virus. As we all know every business need their practice steps that is why if you are planning to reopen the hotel or casino business. It requires more precaution because the hotel business needs a lot of interaction with customers or clients. And this situation needs more safety so that everyone can be safe without spreading the virus and affecting the business. 

To overcome this pandemic situation Genesis- Ark introduced the fast app or Health care KIOSK which not only has features to detect the mask or thermal scanning fever but also maintain the health record of people. This type of health care app is a great help for the hotel and casino business because this will save people from the uncertainty of the business world and fear of coronavirus spread. 

Here are some major points that can be a great support for this business and with the help of a health care kiosk it can be done smoothly:

Screening the Fever & Mask: It is very important for hotels and casino business, that person fever detection & mask presence is to be checked at the entry gate. Because fever is the primary symptom of COVID-19, that is why it is very essential to check these statuses from the start. And for the perfection of this step kiosk system is the best way to detect both fever & mask without any physical contact. It will save the guest from infection and unnecessary uncertainty. 

Contact tracing: With the help of this contact tracing feature in a fast app or kiosk, people can easily get Bluetooth exposure notification in the situation of COVID-19 cases in a particular area. It will help the customer to choose their itinerary and give the assurance of the safety of the region. This pre- information definitely pushes the business to a positive route.

Reduce physical contact: Kiosks system does not need physical contact among people. It maintains the record without being in presence of people. Clients can easily thermal scan themselves and move to the premise without any chaos and disturbance.

Self-check-in Kiosk: Kiosk also has the facility of self-check-in the hotels which is a very convenient way for the customers without any physical contact with each other. 

COVID Symptom Checker: Genesis-Ark health care Kiosk is also having the features of COVID-19 symptom checker which can help hotelier to analyze the health of their employees & guest. Certain health status of each person can give the assurance of a safe environment and encourage business confidence.

The self-service Kiosks system is a boon to the hotel and casino business because through this system work is done not only without any physical contact but also proceed without any further delay and confusion. This system provides benefit to both the parties because it smoothens & simple the working process. 

This health care system is the most significant thing in this present scenario of the pandemic. It gives confidence to everyone that they are safe while enjoying regular life like before a pandemic.

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