Touchless Receptionist to keep your Workplace Safe
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Touchless Receptionist to keep your Workplace Safe

If we consider the recent changing dynamic of the health world then a touchless receptionist sounds like a perfect safety guard for any workplace. Because these are the places where people come on a regular basis and meet with each other. That is why these places needed more precaution from COVID-19 spread. And that can only be possible when we adopt a safe Visitor Management System instead of using old visitor methods like hand register or touchscreen. These old methods can be the main source of spreading pandemics because every employee or visitor who comes to the workplace will use these things for entry. Even though with all the other protection methods there is a high risk of mistake which can be the reason for virus spread. Because there were many cases that come into the light after lockdown where prestigious company closed their offices again because of the COVID-19 case in their premises.

The main reason for happening this type of occurrence in the workplace because there are no effective methods to detect visitor health on entry. That is why it is very essential for everyone to use a practical health care visitor method that can monitor everyone’s health before they enter the premises of the workplace. Considering this visitor management issue of the workplace Genesis-Ark introduced the perfect Fast Pass App & digital health kiosk which are perfect for any office & business place. Because they scrutinize reason that can be the reason for virus spread, here are some features of this touchless receptionist:

Face Mask detection: This automatic face mask detection feature can be used at the entrance of offices, malls, schools, etc, public places. So that this infectious disease can be controlled or end. And in the event where anyone detects without a mask then the concerned team or person will be informed, and they can take action as per their norms.

Thermo snap: This feature can also incorporate with an IR camera, automated or electronic devices so that you can scan the body temperature of a person at the entrance of premises. In case of increased temperature, you can send a notification to the employee or to the concerned person whom he came to visit. In both cases, he/she will not allow entering the premises. 

Visitor management: This visitor management system is also responsible for sending the notification to the concerned department or manager at the arrival time. So, there will no certainty about the person’s health or lacking protocols.

COVID Symptoms Questionnaire: It has the section of COVID-19 symptoms questionnaire where users or employees have to fill the answer to evaluate their health status. After the results only it generates QR health passcodes. This result can also share on social media or with friends, family, and colleagues. This is the best way to stop this virus in the initial stage.

Security ScanningSecurityscanningaligns with an effective QR code scanner.The fast app is also maintaining the health record of the user that is why at the time of security scanning if there are any symptoms of COVID-19 or illness present in the user then they will not allow entering the facility.

This touchless front desk KIOSK has many other excellent customize features like Bluetooth notification, contactless tracing, etc. which can definitely make the workplace safer in this pandemic situation. That is why it is very significant for everyone not to avoid these safety measures especially if you want to win this battle against the COVID-19 virus without affecting our economy & health.

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