How to Protect Employees During and After a Crisis
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How to Protect Employees During and After a Crisis

One thing that is very essential for every human being during & after a crisis is a mental support. Because the mindset of any person is the main reason for the decision they take, whether it is good or bad. All the suicidal or depression cases is the best example that can prove how much mental support is important for any living person in this world. Especially situations like the COVID-19 pandemic which not only affected one person or country but the whole world. We believe there is not one single person on this earth who does not sway with this situation. The only difference will be that some got hit on a big level or some on a small. However, this pandemic not only disturbs the mental status of people but also disbalance their financial foundation. That is why it is very important even for the companies or business places that they pay attention to their employees during and after these kinds of crises. Because a business will not survive or be successful without their efficient and healthy employees. And if companies ignore their employees’ mental & physical health then it is their own loss. Because the COVID-19 pandemic brought uncertainty or doubts among the people. Here are some points which every business place should consider for the protection of their employees during & after any type of crises:

Be in Communication: Time to Time clear & regular communication with your employees can lead the company to great productivity. Because miscommunication & lack of information make people restless about their as well companies future especially in the current scenario when an air of unpredictably is everywhere.

As a head or HR person, it is basic that you deliver transparent, genuine, and efficient correspondence to help give assurance and reduce a portion of the uneasiness and vulnerability among your staff. In short, if they know what is in the future then they will be more satisfied and stable with you.

Safe & healthy Workplace: Safe & healthy environment of the workplace is always preferred by every employee. So, it should definitely be adapted by every organization for their employee’s happiness as well as their profits.

Under the current situation of COVID-19, nobody can avoid the importance of a healthy environment so that we can control or stop this virus. To get rid of this problem, the business place can always use Genesis-Ark health care fast pass app or touchless kiosk in their reception or entry gate. So that no infected person can enter the premises because through this means you can detect if anyone is not wearing a face mask or has a fever. Even this app has a symptom questionnaire which everyone needs to fill so it can generate a QR health code. Employees can also share their health status with customised people. Apart from this, it has many other features like con-tactless tracing, Bluetooth exposure notification, etc. This is the best way to provide mental ease & security to both your staff & clients. As healthy & happy employees are always more capable than an anxious ones.

Clear Protocol & Policies: Every company should be clear with their protocols & policies during this pandemic to its employees. So, they can work according to it without disturbing other people. For example, if anyone is sick or has a mild fever then he/she should follow the protocol of taking leave instead of coming to the office and increasing the risk for others. Fast App also has the feature of digital health care through which employees can easily consult face to face with a health-related expert without moving out of their place.

Provide Proper Training from Related MangerIt is very vital that employee and their supervisors are following similar content when it comes to regards to the development of employees. Probably the most ideal approach to ensure their association is by giving chances of training session to all level with their managers. So, the seniors can be more aware of the mental & physical wellbeing of their juniors.

Everybody with a position of authority inside the business should comprehend that every employee is distinctive as to how they feel, think, and respond to various circumstances. While some might be very strong and need almost no help by any means, others might be amazingly destitute and may need huge help during the emergency. All things considered, seniors should have the option to distinguish these exceptional components among various employee and think of techniques for taking care of individual workers.

We hope with the above-discussed points anyone can get an idea to resolve the question of how to protect employees during and after a crisis easily.

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