Genesis FASTPASS App enables Health Sharing for safe social and business meetings

Genesis-Ark Lunched the health care app known as FASTPASS. That can easily be installed on any smartphone. The motive of making this app is to revival the workplace by providing them safe mode. This can also be used in an Event Management System. Below are some pointers about this app that will throw some light on how it will help to run a business smoothly as well as help in gathering events:

Monitor health recordThe FASTPASS app can remotely monitor the health record of employees. So, that organization will know when it is safe to open or organize an event.

QR code Scanning:It provides QR code security scanning to everyone which is an encrypted health data of a person. So, at the entrance, you can analyze their 15-day health record before permitting them to enter.

Thermal Screening: Through thermal screening, the app can detect the body temperature of a person. Furthermore, alert the concerned person if it increases from the normal.

Mask Detection:This contactless health care KIOSK system also notifies you if anyone enters the premises without wearing the mask.

Notification: If anyone is unfitted during detection & security scanning. The concerned person received a notification alert also the unfit person will not allow entering the campus or event.

Corona symptoms Questionnaire: App has the questionnaire which employees/visitor needs to fill before joining the office or event. It can be the method of self-analysis for your health.

Sharing Option: After filling the health questionnaire, FASTPASS gives you a score that you can share on social media or to customized people as per requirement.

Data Privacy: This AI-based app can be integrated with an IR camera, door locks, Alexa, door alarms, etc. So, it very important to maintain the data privacy of every person who is using this app. That is why Genesis-Ark follows a HIPAA-complaint interface for the safety of their user’s privacy data.

Through the FASTPASS app, anyone can run their business place without the uncertainty of COVID-19 infection. It can be a reopening tool for safe business meetings, conferences, events, functions, etc., without being any trouble of spreading the virus. It also has a Bluetooth exposure notification that will alert you if you come in contact or in the vicinity of a corona infected person. All you need to do is to install & use this app for your health & work benefit.

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