US stocks mixed amid rising Covid-19 concerns

US stocks mixed amid rising Covid-19 concerns

Countless unexpected and uncertain situations introduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic affected almost everything around. Its impact can be seen in all the facets of life along with the stock market too. Now that COVID 19 vaccination is available, due to delays in the described vaccine supplies, the market conditions went unpredictable. 

According to recent stats, global stocks turned out to be lagged, while the dollar advanced amid the volatile markets on Monday itself. Also, the corona cases boomed inconsiderably, with equity markets soaring high.

Let’s check out the impact of the corona vaccine and other factors of stocks on a real-time basis:

  • US Equities Close Generally Lower (4:05 PM)

The stocks in the US ended lower generally on concerns about increasing corona cases as well as the Senate’s impasse based on a fiscal stimulus package.  

The US has even reported an unexpected rise in the high average number of cases within the last seven days simultaneously when a bipartisan group of senators is continuously pushing a $908 billion help plan instead of Mitch McConnell, the Senate Majority Leader. Also, the industrial average of Dow Jones decreased by 148 points (0.49%) to 30,069. The S&P 500 decreased 0.19% to 3,691. On the other hand, Nasdaq rose 0.45% to 12,519.

  • Stimulus Hopes Drive Nasdaq Higher (2:15 PM)

The Dow Jones slumped by 11 points (0.4% to 30,107) at around roughly noon ET. On the contrary, the Nasdaq Composite attained 50 points (0.4%, 12,514) while hitting a new intraday high. The S&P 500 got to tick 4 points lower (0.1%, to 3,695).

  • US Stocks Got Opened in Different Directions (9:35 AM)

The tech-laden associated with Nasdaq Composite got to extend a rally to reach a record high at the beginning, helped by elevated hopes for an upgraded COVID-19 stimulus bill. But the Dow Jones industrials & the S&P 500 Average both decreased due to China-US tension issues over Hong Kong.

The Dow Jones decreased by 67 points (0.2%, at 30,150.91), having the S&P 500 also reduced 0.2%, while the Nasdaq Composite increased by 0.2%.

  • Mixed Monday Analyzed at Open (7:45 AM)

The US stock market appears to be set for the next mixed beginning on Monday itself, with investors getting unsettled by Sino-US issues over Hong Kong, while they also await traces of progress on a COVID-19 relief bill.

Reveal betting quotes point to the Jones Industrials Average ranging 116 points to 30,102 & the S&P 500 shedding 13 points at 3,686. And the Nasdaq Composite is witnessed increasing 53 points to 12,517 as trading begins.

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