Business Soutions


To elaborate the same, let’s understand a corporate office scenario. Suppose there’s an MNC where the whole system proposed by Genesis-Ark is installed. As soon as a person prepares to enter the premises of the office, he will be asked to scan the QR code through the scanner. 

If the person is already registered with the app, then his/her health record for the previous 15 days would be analyzed and seen that if he/she was exposed to the virus in any way or has shown any symptoms related to the same (after scanning the QR code).If a person hasn’t registered to the app, then he/she will be directed to a link through the browser from where he/she has to download the app and scan the unique QR code assigned.

After getting done with the same, Thermo Snap (thermal screeners) will do their job and check if the person is having an elevated temperature than normal.Also, the contactless occupancy management system checks whether the person is wearing a mask or not while entering.If all goes well, then the person is allowed to enter the premises.

If anything goes wrong during the detection & screening process, be it temperature, mask, or the health record of the person, the corresponding manager or attendant is notified with an alert, and the person is refused to enter the premises.While exploring its utility for a business user, it can be implemented in corporate offices, schools, colleges, coaching classes, and other social places.