Retails & Corporate Covid-19 Employee & Visitor Tool Kit

  1. Monitor your employees remotely and know if you prepared to open.
  2. AI driven health  scoring system approved by FDA authorities and Scientists.
  3. Work with any phone, no special hardwar required
  4. Shareable QR codes with  encypted data health data.

It’s not a survial of fittest,  Its’ about commumnity work together to fight this situation!

Quick Setup

Get started in 5 mins


With AI verification

Any size organization

Customize to your needs

The safest, most efficient and cost effective prescribing option Ensure your community is healthy before they interact with community. Genesis App allows you record your information and share limited information with Employer, Friends and Family meeting compliance standards for HIPAA, FERPA, OSHA, EEOC, and SOPIPA.


Benefits for the Corporates for using the App

Quick Setup/Easy Integration

Get started in 5 mins,  Get a fast track approval for business and instantly add 1000’s of employee in less than a day.  This tool can integrate with any other sysmtems through webhooks and the API’s

Create the safe environment

Daily Reminders and online checkins allow HR health to administor create as many groups in the backend and keep take an informed decision.

Real Time Alerts

The app will keep sending the information to the HR and Peers if any employee tested positive and back track the source of infection in the organization.

Share Organisation status

The Entire employee consolidated reports is generate on daily basis and can be shared to personnel for face to face meetings.  Ability to share on social media platforms FB, Insta, Whatsapp to create an awareness in customers or employees.


How it works?

Feeling Good

In your Neighborhood

The Employees will get from email/link to share “invite” from the Organisations they working for. The app home page has button to report for Symptoms Also if covid 19 tested then enter there report and upload the copy in PDF or simply take a screenshot of the reports by autority labrotory.
This Category of business needs to register with the normal signup process, In left drawer of app business upgrade options will aks you information about the business. It typically needs 1 phone verification to approve you to get started, You can begin with inviting the employees through groups. The business can create the Events, Appointments ( Paid or/Unpaid/Virtual ) and start sharing them publically or privately.
Business can generate the Creatve and Dynamic Ads with the deals & coupons to share across the community via social media to increase the foot fall to there business.  These business profiles can create the events and promote there paid events online with the minimum requirements of filling assesment.
The Hospitals/Adult Care home can use this a s Monitoring tool and cane have the patients record there symptoms and progress each day through the remote triaging.  It will also help in the new drug trials  by recording the symtoms within 21 days and post second and third dosage very effectively. Fitness centers can use the Fast Pass as an everyday avenue to checkin and checkout in gym timings/attendances.  The Genesis Also Provides you the Event booking and appointment scheduling to use on your website through Embeded URLS’.

This is an effective solution that makes it possible to protect hotel guests from the virus spreading. With the app, all the hotel business processes can be managed without any exposure to the this deadly virus, starting from reservations, checking-in and out to guests’ service.

The process starts with the symptoms capturing, generating the passes and booking remotely via app to ensure safe and hygiene check-in and checkout.

Genesis Ark Org App is helping universities manage COVID-19 testing by implementing software solutions that streamline processes, improve testing workflows, and provide connectivity for rapid reporting. Genesis Ark solutions can improve COVID-19 testing processes for universities performing testing on-site and for those collecting samples to send to a reference laboratory. 

Genesis Ark COVID-19 University testing software solution enables universities to automate their COVID-19 order entry, sample collection, and sample routing processes; and to identify positive patients and allow there access to the university through integrated QR code.

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We are a not for profit organisation working for solution to restarting the economy in the best we can.  We are always in need of resources to work in order to imporve the public health.  Any suggestions or donations would be a great help for our team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A Brief About the How Fast Pass Works!

Fast Pass is the mobile app the is interfaced to work automatically and maintain health records of all who’ve signed up for the same. This app is designed to keep the COVID-19 scenario in mind, and that’s the reason why it not only performs contactless occupancy management but also offers symptom triaging, face mask detection, and full-fledged security scanning. Not just this, but it allows to plan events, gatherings, meetings, and concerts, which are absolutely safe to go through its self-assessment, auto-health-checker facilities.

How to Use QR Code & Make Use of the Information It Contains?

To combat the situation, Genesis-Ark offers contactless screening, through which the visitor is given a provision to scan QR Code at the entrance, and it helps in knowing the health record of the visitor in last 14 days, and also detects if he/she has recently come in contact with a COVID-positive. This way, the ones bringing a certain probability of infection can be restricted at the entrance itself. The unique QR code comprises every user’s digital health diary, where he/she can follow health assessments and maintain medical records efficiently. 

How Does One Global Pass Help to Stop the Spread of Virus?

A digital pass/card is provided to the app-users who intend to book appointments, attend meetings, as well as pay for any operations. As soon as a person scans his/her barcode through the digital kiosk or swipes his/her digital card/pass, the person’s medical history is analyzed, and a physical pass is availed to the visitor with the help of the printer associated with the kiosk. It showcases the time of appointment, as well as the fee. The visitor also gets provision to pay the fee through the digital card provided by scanning it before the system. This way, by opting for the contactless system, the spread of the virus can be stopped.

How Does Digital/TeleHealth Kiosk Work?

The digital kiosks interface healthcare facilities to avail patients with instant and face-to-face access to health-related experts to answer medical-related questions. This approach to patient-care is favorable to be opted for providing real-time digital healthcare assistance due to its ease of use and tendency to fulfill social distancing norms.

How to Share Health Profile with Friends and Meet Confidentially?

The app proposes a feature of sharing self-assessment. It enables you to share your health assessments with anyone you want. It can be your colleagues with whom you’re about to meet for a conference or your friends with whom you want to have a much-needed break. If you sense everything as out of danger, send a request to meet and embrace safe meetings and get-togethers, and plan confidential meetings.

What’s the Use of the App Even After the Whole World Gets Vaccinated? – Will Then the Virus Spread?

Opting for vaccination of an infecting disease never claims 100% safety from the same, and specifically when we’re talking about a pandemic like COVID-19. Even if the whole world gets vaccinated, there would be chances of virus disruption if people come in contact with each other. In such a scenario, Genesis-Ark’s all-accommodated mobile app will continue to make healthcare accessible to all and reduce the chances for the spread of the virus through digitized and automated solutions even after the introduction of the vaccine. Also, if not used for healthcare purposes only, this app will always be contributing to using contactless and automatic solutions for corporate and public communities and also enabling to plan events and meetings flawlessly.

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